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What is Private Financing?

Private Financing is a form of short term borrowing which is extended by the bank or a lender to clients based on unpaid invoices.

What is the Process like?

Compared to non-bank lenders, Private Financing empowers you to obtain short, or long term financing. Each private financing option has individually tailored criteria to your needs so you might find it much more flexible compared to traditional lending. To find out more about the process click here.

How does Private Financing benefit me?

Private Financing enables you to get tailored and custom solutions for your business. Short and Long Term funding is available for different scenarios. If you have not qualified for bank lending OR require tailor made solutions, then private financing might be for you.

About Private Financing

Who is Private Financing suitable for?

Lenders / Factoring Companies are typically willing to finance your company if you are a growing business with moderate sales, or a larger business with strong sales and a plenty of opportunities.

Why do Businesses use Private Financing?

Companies often engage Private Financing to meet Short Term Liquidity needs. Higher liquidty allows companies to grow and run business operations efficiently.

How do I qualify for Private Financing?

Ideally, you’d meet the basic criteria if you sell goods or services on normal credit terms to various creditworthy businesses or government agencies, and your invoices are for fully delivered goods or fully provided services. The age of your business, its trading results and your asset position are less important when it comes to invoice financing or private financing approval. Lenders are generally more interested in the Creditability of your customers (Debtors).

How much will you advance to Invoice Sellers? How do you determine that value?

Depending on the Credit Analysis on your company, the Lenders determine a LTV & Interest Rate that matches the best interests of both parties.